●Hazard, Kane, Mbappe & Modric Battle




As it stands following the conclusion of the quarterfinal games with France, Belgium, England and Croatia pulling through to the last four, it is obvious that the best player of the tournament will come from any of the four teams especially the two finalists.
Pundits have already been tipping Belgium to meet England in the final, but one can insist that whoever is toying with France and Croatia is doing that at his or her own peril.
However each of the team’s have load of talents who may emerge as Most Valuable Player, MVP of the tournament. But the leading lights in the four teams are Luca Modric for Croatia, Harry Kane for England, Eden Hazard for Belgium and Kylian Mbappe for France.
The battle between Belgium and France in the semi-final will decide who of the two has a better chance especially if his team crosses to the final. Same goes for Croatia and England where Modric and Kane will attract all attention. Already Kane may end the tournament as top scorer, but he could add the MVP if he goes ahead to lead his country to reach the final of the World Cup in Russia.
Interestingly, all four players have been outstanding in this tournament. Aside scoring they have created chances and assisted their teammates in scoring. Their mercurial performances have continued to propel their teams in reaching this enviable heights. As the Semi-finals are played next, the world will be glued with attention on these four, hoping that one of them will run away with this prestigious award and honour. This award may break the stronghold on Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo twin-monopoly grip in the Balon d’Or.


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