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A Guard’s Weird Confession: I Raped My Daughter To Test Her Virginity And Protect Her

A 37-year-old security guard, Wasiu Orilonise, Friday, admitted before an Oyo State Magistrate Court sitting in Ibadan that he defiled his 15-year-old daughter to test her virginity.
While begged the court for forgiveness, Orilonise stated that he committed the abominable act to protect his hapless daughter.
“The incident happened as I was trying to find out  if Adenike was still a virgin,” he told the court. “I wanted to find out if she had lost her virginity.”
Orilonise was not done. He further confessed that when he discovered that the teenager had never known any man before him, however, he continued to have regular sex with her. He would do it in the morning before the girl goes to school and at night.
While charging the security guard for the offence, the prosecutor, Mr. Taiwo Ogunremi, said Orilonise’s abominable act was contrary to and punishable under Section 34, Subsections 1 and 2 of the Child Rights Law of Oyo State of Nigeria, 2006.
The court didn’t take Orilonise’s plea during the arraignment but the presiding Chief Magistrate, Mr.Taiwo Olaniran, asked the accused what was his motivation for the crime.
He explained that he lost his wife some years back and had been solely responsible for the welfare of his defiled daughter and her siblings. He, therefore, decided to protect his girl by testing if she had known any man with the intent to protect her.
Chief Magistrate Olaniran lambasted predatory fathers who take pleasure in defiling their own daughters as well as other under-aged girls.
Consequently, he ordered that the suspect be admitted to Agodi Prison pending legal advice from the state Director of Public Prosecution.
Thereafter, he adjourned the case till Tuesday, July 30, 2019.

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