Photo news: Putin and Buhari meet in Russia


Buhari in Russia
Buhari in Russia

President Vladimir Putin of Russian and Muhammadu Buhari, Nigeria, on Wednesday 23 October, met in Sochi. That was at the opening of the Russia-Africa Summit.

Bashir Ahmad, Buhari’s New Media aide shared photographs of the occasion on Twitter handle.

Buhari in Russia

In his speech, Putin revealed that Russia would, in the next five years, aim to double trade with Africa. In his words: “We currently export to Africa $25 billion worth of food — which is more than we export in arms, at $15 billion. In the next four to five years I think we should be able to double this trade, at least,” he told African leaders at the Black Sea resort of Sochi.

“In Africa, there are very many potential partners with good prospects.”





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