Yoruba ‘Lokan’ to Turn Nigeria into Eldorado, By Sola Olatunji

I know some people will accuse me of tribal sentiment or ethnic hatred before they finish reading this piece. But those associated with me over the years know that I’m not parochial,  rather ,I give my objective views on any matter of national importance.

The four-yearly democratic ritual to change our political leaders or validate their continuity is on and Nigerians are gearing up.

Recently, I received a write up from one of our respected leaders of our time who incidentally is my kinsman.  He has been following my contributions to debate on social issues of national growth over the years and this time, he could not hide his admiration for my fireworks and substances of my writings.

In one of his posers, he said, “even if we bring an Angel as the president of Nigeria without restructuring, nothing will work ‘.  I quickly saw this as scholarly and provided substantial answers to his questions.

I replied: Sir, everything about this project called Nigeria is wrong because of the document that should naturally provide good ground for nationhood called ‘ constitution ‘ is defective as you rightly observed. Everybody is worried that for over 60 years after independence, we are yet to fashion out how to live together as a nation.

Our constitution is full of all manners of contradictions, so accountability becomes almost impossible in our society.  This is the bane of progress and development in our nation.

However, we are of the view that different nations around the world have gone through our experience and have come out better. United States of America came out of civil war between 1861 and 1865 and became an empire and she is still sustaining this till date.

Singapore was in crisis before Lee Kuan Yeu became president and because of his capacity and visionary potentials he was able to put the nation together.

Today, Singapore is seen as an individualized economy.  Sir, like you rightly observed, we have the manpower and capacity to build prosperity in Nigeria if we look at what Prof Zulum is doing in Borno, Engr Abdullah Sule in Nasarawa, Okowa in Delta and Babajide Sanwo in Lagos. These visionary leaders simply tell us that there is hope for this country.  “Hope ’23”

In terms of progressive views and good governance, South West has been the leading light for this country because of our level of education, coupled with early civilization.

If Nigeria must move forward in terms of restructuring her nationhood for full integration and reconstruct her constitution to reflect federalism, it’s the South West that can champion. We are of the view like the  larger percentage of Nigerians that Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu can  spearhead the much needed constitutional restructuring that will usher in nationhood and prosperity.

My final submission is: If Nigeria and Nigerians want quick solution to the mirage of challenges confronting us, we should only look in one direction –The Tinubu magic wand. He is the only one who is capable to restore our collective hope as a nation and chart the economic and political trajectory to Eldorado.

.Otunba Sola A Olatunji is Chairman Ikale Heritage Development Association


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