Obasanjo shifts to gear 2, forms political party

Former President Olusegun Obasanjo on Thursday announced that his Coalition for Nigeria Movement (CNM) has adopted the African Democratic Congress (ADC) as its political party.
Addressing a news conference in Abeokuta he said the development followed a detailed examination and wide consultations by the leadership of the Movement with the consideration of the orientation and policies of the movement.
The former president stressed that the development marked the end to the first phase of his role concerning the movement, adding that the second phase would involve galvanisation of all like- minded forces for the development of Nigeria.
Obasanjo, who insisted that he would not be a member of the party, explained that he would continue to be active in Nigerian and African issues and always be ready to offer advice for the unity and development of the nation.
“The ADC is a reformed and reinvigorated party which will embrace all features and policies which make the CNM attractive.
” No former political party, movement or organisation should claim the sole ownership of the renewed ADC.
‘In name, it is relatively old but in establishment, organisation, membership and policies, programmes, orientation and focus it is new.
“The ADC welcomes associates, other parties, groups and civil society organisations such as cultural, township unions, social organisations and interests.’’
Obasanjo called for a paradigm shift in power equation in Nigerian politics that would involve the youths and women, adding that elitism should be drastically reduced.
On the forthcoming 2019 polls, the former president advised that ” we should have one INEC for all elections at the local government, state and national levels.”
“The INEC must be given power to supervise, control and regulate campaign funds and other contribution funds to political parties.
” The National Assembly must ammend the constitution to allow Nigerians in diaspora with current Nigerian passport to vote in all Nigerian elections at Nigerian Embassies abroad
“The National Assembly should also legislate 30 per cent youth of under 40 years of age and 30 per cent women into all organs of political parties and into all institutions of governments.
” The National Assembky should be transparent and ‘make its renumeration relevant to Nigerian economic and social reality.”
” It should be a great step forward,” he said
He called on Nigerians to stop the blame game and be focused on the development of the nation.
“The change we expect to be forthcoming, realistic and effective will have to come from all of us – the citizens, political parties, Executive, Legislature, Judiciary and electoral organisations.
” We must stop the blame game and must all realise that Nigeria will be as good as we all make it to be.
“That is a good, effective, efficient,  equitable,  fair, just, peaceful, secure, prosperous, united, wholesome and God-fearing country.
” I stand on the platform that change is possible and human beings are agents of change,” he said

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