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For these noble reasons, THE CREST newspaper is born

It was Oscar Wilde who once wrote that “every journey starts with but a single step.” In the corporate world, as in real life, the first single step, well-measured and taken at a very auspicious time, often leads to a breakthrough. On July 20, 1969, Neil Alden Armstrong, an American test pilot and astronaut, who was the commander of the Apollo 11 mission, landed on the moon. As he took his first step on that natural satellite in the galaxy, he made this historic statement: “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.”

On Tuesday, May 1, 2018, we at Crest Publishing and Entertainment Company Limited, took that giant step that will revolutionalise Nigerian journalism. Yes, it is a glorious dawn for democracy, responsible and responsive governance, as well as the profession of news hunting in this most populous Black nation on earth. For, unto our great country, a star is born. The star, a unique newspaper, which hits the Nigerian journalism firmament with irresistible allure, is set to beam a powerful light on a nation in a storm but seeking renaissance; and revival.  Its name is The Crest.

The Crest will deliver round-the-clock news packaged with panache and presented in the classical tabloid tradition.  Every edition will offer refreshing perspectives and deep insight into issues that affect our humanity. The paper will produce high quality contents that educate, inform, entertain, increase the diffusion of knowledge, engender accountable governance, and inspire people to be their best at all times.

With truth as our banner, and good conscience our shield, we shall be non-partisan, non-aligned but vigorously committed to causes that elevate humanity and serve the best interest of Nigerians, in particular, and  Africans in general.  Very boldly, we shall speak truth to power, give kudos when and where deserved, not sparing the rod when the leadership subordinates the overall interest of the people to parochial interests and self-aggrandisement.

With our focus firmly fixed on keeping our hard-earned democracy alive and in sound health, we, at the Crest Publishing and Entertainment Company Limited, shall contribute our level best to engender responsible and accountable leadership in Nigeria, and by extension, Africa. We shall give our readers excellent news reportage, and offer varied perspectives to events as they develop and unfurl. In a nutshell, we shall provide a unique prism for our readers to have a fresh look at the future with all the wonderful possibilities embedded in its belly.

In closing, we borrow the words of President Muhammadu Buhari to say that we belong to everybody, irrespective of creed, ethnic and religious affiliations; yet, we belong to nobody. In other words, nobody, no matter highly placed, can buy The Crest. The Crest has no price. In The Crest, truth and integrity shall have permanent habitation.

Arise, therefore, oh compatriots, and join us as we begin this exciting journey by reading The Crest every hour and every day, and subscribe to our lofty ideals.

Welcome to The Crest newspaper, a new phenomenon in Nigerian journalism, a reality full of things that never were.

The team of The Crest comprises world class journalists and award- winning editors.

The Captain of the team is SHOLA OSHUNKEYE, the overall winner of the CNN/MultiChoice African Journalist of the Year, 2006; a Fellow of the Poynter Institute For Media Studies, St. Petersburg, Florida; a Fellow of the CNN International Professional Programme, IPP; an alumnus of The International Visitor Leadership Programme, the United States Department of State’s premier professional exchange programme, Washington; a member of the International Press Institute, IPI; and a distinguished Member of the Nigerian Guild of Editors, NGE.

Also on board is STEVE NWOSU who until he pitched his tent with Crest Publishing and Entertainment Company Limited, as Vice President, was Deputy Managing Director/Deputy Editor-in-Chief of The Sun Publishing Limited, publishers of The Sun titles.

A columnist and journalist of 26 years standing, Nwosu is the author of the popular Franktalk, a weekly satirical column on the back page of Daily Sun.

BEN MEMULETIWON, a.k.a. Big Ben, comes on board The Crest with a superb wealth of experience in journalism and international relations.   Until he joined the team, he was the Editor of National Mirror, a Lagos-based national newspaper, published by billionaire businessman, Jimoh Ibrahim.


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