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Man Drowns during baptism

Tragedy has hit a church in Accra, Ghana, as a convert drowned in the river he was being baptised in.

Baptism is a religious ritual based on the Christian faith that cleanses the sins of the baptised. But while carrying out this ritual, in Accra, Ghana, a 20-year-old man drowned while being baptised by a pastor in a river.

The young man, Yaw Kyeremeh, 20, was reportedly standing at the bank of River Densu with his pastor who carried out the baptism. The pastor reportedly dipped him in water, offered a short prayer, and dipped him in water a second time. But this time, the new convert never surfaced. He drowned.

The police told the BBC that a junior pastor had been arrested at the scene while the pastor who had carried out the baptism that led to the young man’s drowning is still at large.

The incident happened on Sunday, December 9, and people are at a loss why someone will die during a baptism.

According to local media, the family does not blame anyone for the tragedy.

The police said the remains of the victim had been deposited in a morgue and an autopsy will be carried out before the family can claim him for burial.



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