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Ambode’s Workers Praise Lagos State Ex-Gov to High Heavens

...Say He's Leader, Not Boss

Some staffers of Lagos State Treasury Office have revealed that the former Lagos State Governor Akinwunmi Ambode is a true leader, not boss. Below, the workers spoke about the real character and person of former Governor.

Mrs Yemisi Adams: “I am a Grade level 12 Officer with the State Treasury Office in Operations Department… To me, he is a role model; he is a leader not a boss. A boss wants you to do things the way he says, there is no input coming from anyone, but for a leader, he will table the problem and some solutions, he will ask for opinions and feedback before taking decisions … He leads by example; he is a real leader… He doesn’t like bragging about what he does, he does things very quietly.”

Miss Oluwakemi Toso-Gbangba:  ”I had the opportunity to work with Mr Ambode for ten years…  He is a great team player; he listens to one about anything. I feel he is a workaholic; he believes in getting the job done. He is prim, proper and believes in perfection… He is a good person; he has a good heart…He taught me to believe in myself; to not see problems, but search for solutions.”

Mr Hakeem Alimi:  ”I have worked with Mr Ambode for over six years now and his style is not the usual civil service style, it is a good mix of public/private sector style… He is an equal opportunity person, he doesn’t believe in favouring women over men or men over women…It is my opinion that one of the secrets to his success is his charity; his compassion and love for people. God has given him a huge capacity for empathy, to put himself in other peoples’ shoes; he is a great helper and forgives wrongs so easily.”

Mrs Olumuyiwa Ojelabi: “One thing that amazed me so much was this; there was a morning I was walking behind him on the corridor, he saw an empty bottle of coke lying around, he didn’t call the cleaner and shout like some people might. Instead, he picked it up and took it to the pantry himself and continued to his office. He is a humble person; imagine the most senior officer here not thinking he is too good to do something so simple. He is an example to all.”

Mr Osinubi Taofeek Olalekan : “I am a Grade level 12 Principal Administrative Officer with twelve years’ experience in the Public Service, of which I have spent two years here at the State Treasury Office, working under Mr Ambode. He is not like others, he is not your typical civil servant, he does not work like a typical civil servant, but like someone in the private sector…Personally, since I started here, I love coming to work, this surprises me; because when you work in a place like this, your best comes to the fore, you feel you have made a difference and you are making an impact.”

Mr Taiwo Wakeel:  ”I am a Principal Administrative Officer of twelve years with the Public Service. I have worked for just over a year with Mr Ambode… If you work with Mr Ambode you can be assured of two things: one, you will work very hard and two, you will close late… He doesn’t look at religion or sex or age or tribe, all he wants is for everyone to become excellent… Around the STO, we call him ‘Baba Laanu’; he has great goodwill with all staff.”


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