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Sex predators on the prowl, By Michael West

Michael West

Some minutes after 10am on Tuesday, a reader of this column who is also a university don, called in a bewildered tone to tell me about a rape attempt on her the day before (Monday), by her co-lecturer in their office. This is incredible, you might say. “Michael West, it’s like a movie scene. I didn’t know his intention when he locked the door to our office immediately he came inside. I actually called him to the office so we could discuss the courses we are to teach. When he came in, he ought to simply close the door because of the air conditioner and to lock it.

“While we were discussing the outlines of the courses and the teaching methods that would best suit the students’ pedagogical assimilation, he suddenly pounced on me like a cat pounces on a mouse and began to act like a ruffian. I felt like what exactly was going on here? What are you trying to do? I asked him, he didn’t say a word as he kept on trying to reach for my under. I forcefully pushed him off and he staggered, almost falling down. I quickly reached for the door. As he attempted to get hold of me, I swiftly unlocked the key, jerked the door open and stormed out of the office, panting.

“Incidentally, this guy is very close to me. Everybody in the department knows us together as brother and sister. We teach in the same department, share the same office for over two years. Both of us are married. He’s much younger to me in age though we address each other as ‘Dr. … and Dr. ….’ I began to sweat, shivering after the ugly incident. I couldn’t believe this is real. He didn’t bother about people all around our office. So, this was how cheap and swift rape incidents do happen, even in a revered academic environment and among lecturers? I considered screaming to exposing the incident to be utterly disgusting.

“He has since been begging and sending SMS to apologise claiming he didn’t know what came over him. ‘This is the handiwork of the devil. I’m awfully sorry please,’ he pleaded. It was really a struggle in the splits of seconds it lasted. Both of us have been working in the fairly spacious office for almost three years without any problem.”


COZA’s Pastor Fatoyinbo and Busola Dakolo

Since the COZA’s presiding Pastor’s alleged rape scandal broke out, not a few readers have sent messages to me asking to know my opinion on the case as well as the spiraling disheartening cases of rape and peadophilia.

My take on this issue is simple. Both of them are yet to tell the world the whole truth about their story. Both of them know better than the ‘wailers’ over the alleged rape saga. To be candid, I suspect that Busola is a reluctant whistleblower on Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo’s alleged sexcapade. Yes, quite a number of his alleged “victims” are coming out of their shells through the social media to lend credence to Timi Dakolo’s wife allegation. The story is yet to begin.

Busola Dakolo’s narrative is suspect! I say so because at age 17, you can only be raped once, subsequent ‘editions’ were by consent. I concur that the first rape that reportedly took place in her parents’ home was the real rape. But the other ones inside his car and the doggy style on the car’s bonnet, in my own thinking, were not rape.

According to other sources, her family members were fully aware of her closeness to the Pastor. As some point, according to the online gist, her mom warned her against undue intimacy with then ‘Brother Fatoyinbo.’ She shrugged and kept on hanging around him. The veracity of this statement I cannot confirm though it emanated from those who claim to know her better.

I suspect that both Fatoyibo and Busola started dating at some point. Perhaps because his levels had changed in which Busola felt ‘used and dumped,’ she waited for the right time to take her own pound flesh. Howbeit, I still believe Busola was ‘ordered’ to peal the bean by her husband consequent upon Timi Dakolo’s vitriolic attack on the pastor about a month ago wherein he accused the stylish pastor of sexually molesting young girls in his church. In other to add biting to his barking, Dakolo must have either encouraged or threatened Busola to speak out. Left to Busola alone, the Fatoyinbo’s issue is in her past which does not worth revisiting again. As it is now, I pray the Dakolos will survive this phase unhurt.

On Pastor Fatoyibo’s side, It appeared he took the grace of God for granted. He stayed too long in lustful indulgence without the consciousness of urgency for spiritual restoration, revival and restitution. I’m not judging him but as a co-brother in the Body of Christ, I’m equally affected and concerned in this matter.

Our brother appeared to have massaged his weakness for too long rather than firmly deal with it. He must have been getting signals that something damning and ignominious was coming his way but he chose to ignore them. Such warnings usually come through dreams, prophetic messages from the outside or through reflective moments either in his private study as quiet time or convicting thoughts during praying sessions. He needs to be broken! That someone is a pastor or born again does not guarantee his express victory over temptations especially in the areas of his weakness like sexual enticement.

I also feel he should check his background if, peradventure, there’s any curse operating in his life. Better still, I sense he has not completely severed the link with the erstwhile lifestyle of his boyhood or school days. Fatoyinbo has stories to tell but who is ready to listen? He’s already pronounced guilty without trial. The society easily admits allegations that bother on sexual abuse from women against men even if it happened by consent. These days, most of the rape allegations, incest and peadophilia are not only true but proven.

On COZAgate, sooner or later, we shall hear the untold story. In the meantime, let the sleeping dog lie in peace!


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