Welcome to My Dream, My Passion, By Lauretta Asemota

Like many Nigerians, I grew up watching films or movies, got accustomed to western lifestyle, and was fortunate to travel abroad couple of times, exploring the world, appreciating the creative power of God.

But this question kept lingering all through my years growing up: we watch films or movies shot in beautiful cities, we feel accomplished when we travel abroad, we even feel superior to those who are yet to travel beyond the shores of Nigeria. We admire beautiful cities, and adore nature’s green

We travel in big aircraft and, from the big bird, cruising between 33,000 and 35,000 feet above sea level, we see the majesty and creative explosion of God in the endless us cotton of clouds spread before in immaculate white. Stainless. Untainted. Seeing nature at its best, we, sometimes, want to remain amidst the clouds where everything looks so pure, unruffled, peaceful and calm.

But as soon as we disembark, we are faced again with environmental pollution-noise, air, improper solid waste disposal, dirty streets, the hustle and bustle, the traffic snarls. Oh, my Gosh!  You feel like screaming. Is this all there is to life? Is there any way we can improve our surroundings/environment?

Nigerians are some of the most intelligent, innovative, talented, hardworking and richest people in the world. Yet, the blame-the- government-syndrome, lack of a national ideology and vision has left us in the pedestal of underdevelopment for so long.

We have thriving movie and fashion industries but lack appreciation for environmental beauty or cleanliness. In the quest of making money amidst social, political and economic downturn, we have traded basic necessities, such as clean air and environment, to potential hazards.

Let’s pause for a moment; this most neglected sector (environment) is fundamental to the wellness and psychological balance of the human person, amongst other benefits.

Why do Nigerians pay little or no attention to environmental cleanliness? Why do people dress in expensive apparels and ride exotic but care less even if their surroundings is worse than that of a pig pen? I just wonder.

This is why I told myself, I am going to stay here and make a difference. Nobody will build Nigeria for us but Nigerians. We can make Nigeria heaven here on earth. We can make Nigeria as beautiful and clean as most developed nations we take pride in visiting or reside. It starts with a mind-set. It starts with you and me.

That is my dream. That is my resolve- to make environmental cleanliness and sanitation core part of our culture. Yes, it is possible. We don’t need the government to clean up our homes. Or, haven’t you heard that cleanness is next to Godliness?

If we clean up our homes, we should extend it to our premises, to our streets, to our communities, to our local government areas, to our states. Before you say ‘Jack!’ every Nigerian, round the country, has caught the bug. Everybody will automatically fall in line, adopting cleanness as their mantra, doing what you are advocating through your conduct and disposition to the environment.

I am an environmental activist and we shall be discussing the environment on this page from time to time. So, why not join the train and begin to make the difference, in your little way. Let’s make the difference. I know you can. And I can. Yes, we can!!!

Now, a word about project, the Clean & Beautiful Atmosphere Initiative. We are an organization committed to creating a paradigm shift, a new mind set, and a culture of environmental cleanliness in Nigeria; and building strong systems and institutional frameworks for the sustainability of this culture.

  • Lauretta Asemota is a Lagos-based environmental activist.
  • You can visit her media platforms to know more about her  crusade and join..

TWITTER:   https://twitter.com/cleannigeriaup,

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/startswithallofus/ , www.facebook.com/cleannigeriaup

LINKEDIN: https://www.linkedin.com/in/cabai-aka-cleanupnaija-45b991131/

INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/naijacleanup, https://www.instagram.com/laurettaasemota/

EMAIL: info@beautifulnigeria.org, Lauretta@beautifulnigeria.org, cleanupnaija1@gmail.com

WEBSITE: http://www.beautifulnigeria.org

BE A MEMBER: https://beautifulnigeria.org/membership-form/



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