Nemesis as Dying Pharmacist Confesses ‘Morning After Pill’ is Fake

A retired pharmacist from Germany who vowed to reveal all the evil practices of the pharmaceutical industry dropped a bombshell about the morning after pill.

Ullrich Terenz who had a 30-year long career in the pharmaceutical industry says he wants to confess and be right with God before he dies. Terenz was diagnosed with Pancreatic cancer and when he realized he has less than a year to live he left his job to seek spiritual cleansing.

“Part of my redemption is to expose the lies and evil practices I have have tolerated for years simply because I wanted a good career but now I have nothing to lose.

“When the morning after pill was approved by the FDA it partially worked but then horrible sides effects were discovered and instead of stopping the production of the pills big corporations decided to replace it by a dummy pill that does not work until they can figure out how to make a morning-after pill without horrible side effects.

“The side effects of the original pill ranged from reproductive problems, premature sagging of breasts and misplacement of fats on the woman’s body. In some cases, women suffer from loss of sexual stimulus and dryness of the vagina.

“I am telling you today that the pill you buy is nothing, It does not work and they are busy trying to figure out how to make a pill that works and have less severe side effects.

“For example 70% of women will not fall pregnant if they are worried enough about falling pregnant. In other words, a woman’s state of mind is much better contraception than anything else meaning just being worried and thinking a lot about not wanting a baby can save you from being pregnant.

“Also many people if they find out they became pregnant after using moring after they just move on to the next step.

“And others are pressured to use morning-after pills by their spouse so when it did not work they don’t care.

Terenz also said the biggest consumers are very young and when they find out it did not work they just don’t know who to blame. “The reason they are so expensive is that the greedy want more for themselves and they want to have enough money in case their secret comes out.


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