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Sowore’s Family Hits Abuja to Beg Buhari

Few hours after mother of Omoyele Sowore, convener of the #RevolutionNow Movement, appealed to President Muhammadu Buhari to intervene in her son’s release from detention, a team of his family members left Kiribo, (Sowore’s hometown) Wednesday morning for Abuja to plead with the President..

In a video message that went viral Tuesday, the retired teacher begged Buhari and Yusuf Bichi, director-general of DSS, to release the activist to come home for the Christmas yuletide.

Sowore’s kith and kin disclosed to The Crest half way in their trip to Abuja that their mission is to explore all available means to appeal to the President and DSS through Radio, Television and if possible physical presence at the seat of power.

“We are not going for any protest,” one of them said. “We want to appeal to Mr President and all kindhearted Nigerians to intervene in this case. Sowore’s mother, a widow is devastated by not seeing her son since August.

“We will comb all the radio stations and television houses in Abuja to appeal to the President and we hope that as a father he will listen to us.”

Sowore’s mother had appealed to the President saying: “Dear SSS, Dear Buhari, I am Yele Sowore’s mother. I am sending you this message as a mother. I am a woman, your mother is a woman, your wife is a woman also. This is December and Yele has been taken away since August,” she said in the two-minute, 40 seconds video.

“He always comes to me in the village every December but you have been holding him. I am a widow, my son has always been like that. He speaks against injustice and stands up against it. He doesn’t run away, he faces his case. Please release him and let him face his case in court. I know him, he can’t run away because he knows he has not committed any crime.”

She called on mothers across the country to speak up against the “unlawful detention” of Sowore, saying her son is only asking for a better Nigeria which holds a bright future for all.

Sowore’s mother added her health had been failing her as she is bothered that the activist has not had medicare care since he was arrested.

“You are a Muslim, please in the name of Allah, leave my son, release him. I call on all mothers to speak out, let us join voice for the sake of the future of our children,” she said.

“Omoyele is only asking for a better Nigeria so that all our children can have good future. My mind is disturbed that he has not been allowed to go for medical care since August. Alhaji Bichi Yusuf, please obey the law since you have gone to court release Omoyele Sowore now.

“Since I gave birth to him, he always speaks against evil. Even in the village, before he went to school in Lagos, he has always been like that. He is not a criminal, release Sowore now. Please release my son because you have your own son, you take care of your son, let me take care of my children.

“I am a widow, release my son. I cannot eat, I cannot sleep and it is affecting my health. Please release Omoyele Sowore, my son. He is not a criminal. Omoyele is not a criminal, leave him.”



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