Lack of Sex Leads Women to Mental Problems and Violent Behavior

After several cases of women stabbing their husbands to death in Nigeria a new study has  confirmed that women who do not have sex regularly became violent and eventually they suffer from mental health problems.

A new undeniable study conducted between 2016 and 2020 January revealed that women who go for prolonged periods without having sex and/or orgasms tend to be violent. The violent behavior is usually directed to people close to them like their children or lovers. The funny thing is that when it happens the women does not know that their rage is linked to them not getting sexual intercourse and orgasms.

Dr. Hugh Lee Dougsile said the unusual behaviors starts after about two weeks of not getting intimate. “It can take longer if there is mental support like a romantic phone conversation or a love letter. That can help balance her hormones for a short period of time”.

“Three months without sex or any intimate contact most women lose it. I can tell you today that some women are probably institutionalized because of this. Just one orgasm could have saved them. We believe the reason some women stay in abusive relationships is that they are afraid they might not get someone to keep them from going insane.

Dr. Dougsile and his partners said they found that masturbation can assist in keeping women balanced but it is not as effective as the real thing hours



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