Latest Statistical Updates On Coronavirus in The World

By Timothy Ojo

The Plague of the COVID-19 is in every way becoming a nightmare. It seems as if there is no silver lining as numbers have continued to surge with reckless abandon.

As at 21:56 GMT on Tuesday, the total number of cases recorded has soared to 417,676 worldwide and 18,605 deaths.

China, the origin still has the highest number of total cases with 81,171 and total deaths of 3,277. there are 78 new cases that surfaced today in China.

China is closely followed by Italy with her total number of cases 69,176. however, the total number of deaths in Italy is twice that of China, at 6,820. Today alone, there were 743 new deaths from Coronavirus in Italy.

The most powerful country in the world, The United States of America, comes at a close distance to Italy with 52,996 cases reported and total deaths of 685.

Spain also has been hit terribly with this virus with confirmed cases of 39,885 and total deaths of 2,808.

Germany with 32,986 confirmed cases and 157 deaths and Iran with 24,811 confirmed cases and 1,934 deaths make up the top five worst-hit countries.

South-Africa is the most hit in Africa with 554 cases and no deaths yet, while Egypt has 402 confirmed cases with1 death recorded.

Nigeria, the most populous country in Africa, has 44 total cases with 1 death recorded

In South-America, Brazil is the most hit with 2,201 confirmed cases and 46 deaths.

Belize, Eritrea, Syria, Somalia, Grenada, Papua New Guinea, Montserrat, Saint Vincent Grenadines, Timor-Leste and Turks and Calcos all have 1 case reported in common.

Globally, a total of 108,312 have recovered.


Data Source: Worldometers.

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