COVID-19: Confirmed Cases Globally Hit 1 Million

By Timothy Ojo

The COVID-19 confirmed cases have hit the one million mark globally. The countries with the most hits include the United States of America, Italy, China, and Spain.

The total number of confirmed cases worldwide as at the time of filing this report, according to the statistics site, Worldometer, is 1, 004, 553, with total deaths of 51, 560 and recovered cases of 210, 517.

Earlier in the week, the Director-General of the World Health Organisation (WHO), Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, predicted that the numbers could hit one million in the coming days, however, it took only a few hours before the seven-figure mark was achieved. This demonstrates the astronomical rate at which this pandemic is spreading.

The United States of America has been the worst-hit country with a total of 237, 877 cases confirmed and deaths of 5, 715. Italy still remained the worst-hit country in Europe with 115, 242 cases reported and 13, 915 deaths. Spain closely follows with 110, 238 cases and 10, 096 deaths.

In Asia, China still has the highest number of confirmed cases of 81, 589, closely followed by Iran’s 50, 468 confirmed cases. The two hugely populated countries have recorded 3,318 and 3, 160 deaths respectively.

In Africa, South-Africa has 1, 462 cases with 5 deaths, the highest confirmed cases so far in Africa. North African countries, Algeria and Egypt have recorded 986 and 850 cases, with the former recording 86 deaths, while the latter has 52 deaths.

Nigeria has also recorded 184 cases and 2 deaths according to the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control.



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