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Virtual Sermon: Elder Ekeoma @ 60: ‘Your prayer is more than enough’ By Mike Awoyinfa

Mike Awoyinfa
Mike Awoyinfa

Few days to your 60 birthday which falls on Thursday June 25, I received a text message from you saying: “Your prayer is more than enough to make my day.”  After reading the message, I began to ponder on the import of it all: power of prayer.  Yes, prayer is everything.  It is the key that unlocks the riches of heaven.  It is the fastest way to touch the heart of God and make God to act in one’s favour.

Today, we are here to celebrate you Elder Ekeoma Eke Ekeoma, the man who was ordained an Elder in the Presbyterian Church of Nigeria long before he reached the elderly age of 60.  The man who is the husband of the tall, beautiful, lovely woman Barrister Mrs. Ngozi Ekeoma, a ‘Thatcherian’ manager of men and resources.  Not many men would have the courage to entrust their lives, their businesses and virtually everything to their wife to manage.  But Elder Ekeoma is a “peculiar” man from a “chosen generation, royal priesthood” as described I Peter 2:9.

“He is a good man,” Mrs. Ekeoma told me when I hinted her on my piece on you today.  For me, that simple statement says everything.  From your wife, I learnt that you are “a prayer warrior who loves God with palpable zest.  He is indeed a pillar in the body of Christ.  He is into hospital ministry and through his prisons ministry, has touched many lives and has helped over 1,000 inmates to regain their freedom.  He currently oversees a nondenominational businessmen fellowship, Believers Fellowship (BF) at Golden Gates Hotels, Kingsway Road, Ikoyi, Lagos.  He has also supported a lot of church building projects and donated a number of evangelical buses and musical equipment to different Presbyterian Churches and fellowship centres.”

From your wife, I learnt how as an ex-banker, you “left the services of the Central Bank of Nigeria to set up and manage” your own business.  As an entrepreneur, you “set up a number of businesses with unmatched successes.”  And as chairman of Nepal Oil and Gas Services Limited, Nepal as a company has “diversely leverage” your “goodwill, business ideas and networking.”  On the lighter side, your wife sees you as “a good dresser who loves relaxation and hanging out in exotic places within or outside the country, with family and friends.  He loves to sing and dance to gospel music.”

I cannot capture in full your life story in this small piece.  All I can say is you are a man of two worlds—the world of business and the world of evangelism.  Somehow, you are able to seamlessly combine the two to the glory of God, the Father.

Elder Ekeoma E. Ekeoma and his wife, Barrister Ngozi Ekeoma
Elder Ekeoma E. Ekeoma and his wife, Barrister Ngozi Ekeoma

At the personal level, you have been a pillar of support to the Dimgba Igwe family, proving that a friend in need is a friend indeed.  We have all benefitted from your friendship.  Whether my twin son is marrying in Nigeria or another twin son marrying in the UK, you tried your possible best to show up and to give your support for which we are all grateful.  In one of the weddings in 2017, I remember you handed out one of your sermons put in a CD from which I jotted down a few notable points.  It turned out prophetic.  Yes, Prophet Ekeoma.  The man who saw corona devastation coming.


In this era of the coronavirus great pandemic, the type the world has not seen since creation, your end-time apostolic message titled ‘Avoiding the end time devastation and pitfall’ is more than timely. Summary:

  1. End-time devastation is very real. It will happen very soon.  As real and as gloomy as the economy may be, the hard times are for unbelievers.  They are not for God’s children.
  2. Towards the end of last year (2016), I was just lying down and the Lord spoke to me audibly. He said: “My son, learn to put your total trust in me.  I have in you great deposit that has not even been utilized.”  This is what the Lord said to me.  I cannot stand at God’s altar and be lying.  The Lord spoke to me clearly that “you must learn to put your total trust in me.”
  3. A lot of job is left undone. And it will appear the devil is winning the war.
  4. Nothing can change the word of God. Prophet Isaiah was an end-time prophet whose prophecies are for a time like this.  Go through Isaiah 24 and read the first seven verses and ask yourself: In our today’s world, are there no devastations?  And nobody is exempted.  Whether the priest or the people, whether master or servant, whether borrower or lender, whether debtor or creditor, whether rich or poor.  He said the earth would be completely laid waste.  If somebody gives you an expo, what do you do?  You have to take precaution.  And that is why we must avoid this end-time devastation. The end is already here.  We must avoid these end-time pitfalls.  We must invest time in praises, in prayers, in studying the word of God.
  5. Can God lose a war?  God can lose a war, to pave way for victory for a bigger battle.  This God is awesome.  I have witnessed his presence.  I have witnessed his power.  I may not be tying collar like a Reverend.  But I have witnessed God.  I lost big money.  But I recovered double of what I lost. All to the glory of God.  What am I trying to demonstrate?  The need to work with God.  I asked God to give me the secret of the business that I do.  With maturity, a time came when God changed my business plan.  It is not of him that runneth.  It is not of him that winneth.  It is God that showeth mercy.  This is the end-time truth that we all must learn to accept.  If you work with God, He will open doors.  It does not mean there won’t be challenges.  But you will spend quality time.  I don’t pray for God to bless me.  I don’t do that.  Not because I don’t need those blessings.  My heart is for the end time.  If there is anything, my heart is to win as many souls as possible.  I know very well that I have not done so well in terms of evangelism and bringing people to Christ.  I don’t want to go to heaven and God will ask me: “I gave you an assignment and you did not carry out my assignment completely.”  So I want to live for Christ for the remaining days of my life.  God is expecting us to preach the word.  God is expecting so much from us.

On that note I wish Elder Ekeoma a happy 60th birthday and pray that through him many souls will be won for the kingdom.  I believe that Elder Ekeoma is truly an end-time prophet.  All the revelations in the CD which he gave in May 2017 are happening in today’s world ravaged by death and devastation of COVID-19.






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