2023 Elections: Nigeria Needs Corporate Expertise to Move Forward, Says Olatunji

While politicians are still jostling for Presidential forms in Abuja, a business mogul and chairman of the Ikale Heritage Development Association, Otunji Sola Olatunji has restated the need to choose politicians with sound corporate expertise and track records of successes.

Olatunji is also urging Nigerians to approach 2023 with seriousness and depart from the past where we had voted for different political leaders without the wherewithal to tackle the country’s economic quagmire.

Olatunji said: “Peeping  into the credentials of various aspirants who have obtained forms so far, it is heart-warming that almost all are graduates. But one t very critical thing is missing: How many of them are entrepreneurs? In my view, entrepreneurs are meant to create wealth for the nation and you can’t be a good president or governor if you don’t know how to create wealth. We can count those with this quality on our finger tips.”

The marine economy expert adds that the purpose of governance is to unleash prosperity on the citizens.  Unfortunately, he says, the skills of wealth creation residents with the entrepreneurs otherwise called the private sector and backed with friendly policies  by the political leadership at all levels.

He warns that programmes of the present administration, such as school feeding, trader money and many more should be discarded are unfriendly policies that could be likened to cancer on our national economy.

“The government needs to channel the resources of the country into productions so that each family can buy food for their families in the markets, promote entrepreneurial activities especially among young graduates. No need for school feeding programme.”

Olatunji bemoans the situation where the country is sliding daily by all indices despite huge resources available for the leaders at all levels for the development of their domain.

“Nigeria problems can’t be fixed by any kindergarten politician or one without public office experience or corporate background. Year 2023 is very crucial. It will determine if Nigeria will remain as one or several components going their own ways.

“To achieve the desire for a better society we all aspired for, we need the ship of the nation to have the best of crew and piloted by a captain with both local and international experience.”

But the social cultural leader is not utterly pessimistic like others saying that the situation is not badly hopeless as some people fear. He says the solution lies in the power of our voter cards.

“We have to choose right,” he said. “There is no room for experiments again. The ship of State is currently experiencing a great storm which is putting it at the risk of capsizing or complete wreckage if we don’t call captains with extraordinary experience to salvage the situation so that we can navigate our way to safety.”


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