De-Nabos Director, Christiana Soremekun, Dies at 65


Deaconess Christiana Abimbola Soremekun
Deaconess Christiana Abimbola Soremekun

A top director of Lagos-based printing giants, De-Nabos Nigeria Limited and De-Havillahc Resources, Deaconess Christiana Abimbola Soremekun, has died, aged 65.

Announcing the sudden departure of the company executive, also a Deaconess of the Foursquare Gospel Church, National Headquarters, Yaba, the family said the certified accountant passed to glory on Thursday, August 25, 2022.

“She became ill for a short period,” the husband, Deacon Abiodun Soremekun revealed, “and said to me that she had heard the Lord Jesus calling her home. On August 25, 2022, she went to be with the Lord. We are consoled by the fact that she served the Lord faithfully till the very end; she led a life of impact, and we are comforted that to be absent from us is to be present with Him.”

Born at Oke-Aro in Ogun State on July 31, 1957, the late Deaconess Soremekun ran the two companies with her husband, and despite her extremely tight schedules, she was engrossed with her work in the church where she spent enormous time in the mission field, planting churches and teaching in Sunday school.

Early Years

The third child, and second daughter of her parents, Deaconess Soremekun’s father was the headmaster of African Church Primary School and her mother traded in kolanuts. “Her father was a strict disciplinarian who brooked no-nonsense from his children,” the bereaved family stated in a short biography of Mrs. Soremekun. “Due to her intelligence, and respectful character, the father was very fond of her. She in turn enjoyed the privileges of being a headmaster’s daughter.

“In those days, headmasters were held in high regard. She was quite extroverted but was a lover of people. Her bright and exuberant personality attracted many to her. Her favourite colours were peach, purple and wine; and her best food was ‘eba and efo-riro’ a delicious Yoruba dish. For relaxation, she could be seen reclined with a book. She loved to read.”

Marriage and Family Life

While in secondary school, the young Christiana met and fell in love with Abiodun Soremekun. Their relationship evolved and they got married on January 8, 1977. Christiana and Abiodun were inseparable; they did everything together. She called him ‘Bio-bio’ and he called her ‘Bim-bim Honey’.

Their union was blessed with five children, two boys and three girls; and several grandchildren. As a mother, she was a disciplinarian, an inherited trait from her father. She instilled the fear of God in her children, ensuring consistency in Bible reading, prayer and decency in dressing. She loved her children and sacrificed a lot to give them the best. She bore their burdens and shared their joys. Fun to be with, many loved her company; always laughing at her husband’s jokes or with her grandchildren while at play.


Her love for Mathematics, planning and organization propelled her into pursuing professional certifications in Accounting and Project management from Cornell Institute (online), Ithaca, New York. She worked briefly in the employ of a company, and sometime in the 1980s, went on to join her husband in their printing business. Together, they built formidable brands, De-Nabos Nigeria Limited and De-Havillahc Resources, serving top tier clients. There, she handled the business’ financials, and served as a director. In addition to this, she was into the business of party chair rentals and dietary supplements.

Her Faith

Even though she was born and nurtured in a Christian home, one steeped in the beliefs of the then African Church, she did not encounter the Lord Jesus personally until the 1980s. She joined the Foursquare Gospel Church (FGC), Akinwunmi, Yaba, in 1988. There, she became a full member and served as a Sunday school teacher.

Her devotion to the service of God and strong passion for winning souls for Christ took her down the path of evangelism, missions and church planting. She left FGC Yaba then to join FGC Mushin, now the district headquarter church, as a worker in God’s vineyard. She was part of the pioneer committee that planned and pioneered five churches at different locations within and outside Lagos. She returned to Yaba FGC, where she continued in her devoted service to God and there became the FWI district leader, a role she held for over 12years. Her leadership was marked by passion and commitment. She was consistent in the vision to raise competent women empowered spiritually, physically, morally and financially in every aspect of their lives. Evangelism, church planting, giving and serving in the Lord’s vineyard alongside her husband, were her heart’s delight. Indeed, they did everything together – the businesses, travels and kingdom work.


The Yaba district of the FGC was greatly impacted by her work with the women folk. ‘Mama Surpassing Glory’ a name she was fondly called, originated from the June rally she hosted in 2018. There she dedicated her resources to every mission of the Yaba district women in the areas of outreaches, empowerment and their general wellbeing. She achieved remarkable strides in the mission field at Jesu Shina in Ajebo and acquired four (4) plots of land in Akodo, where a branch of the church is currently located. Her mission was to build a faith based resort center in Akodo. She served as a deaconess in the church till her transition to glory.

Her Transition

Deaconess Christiana Abimbola Soremekun (JP) lived fully, and many benefited from her generous life of service. She became ill for a short period, and said to her husband that she had heard the Lord Jesus calling her home. She went to be with the Lord on August 25, 2022. To be absent from us is to be present with Him.

She will be greatly missed.




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