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Presidential Election Petition: Atiku, Obi Lose Round 1 As Court Rejects Live Broadcast of Proceedings

The Presidential Election Petition Court, (PEPC) on Monday in Abuja, dismissed the application by the People’s Democratic Party, (PDP)  and the Labour Party, for live broadcast of court proceedings.

In a unanimous decision, the five-member panel held that the order sought by the petitioners lacked merit and was outside the scope of the petition.

The judges held that televising of proceedings was not provided for in any law.

They held that the court was created by the constitution and operated under the law by the Court of Appeal.

“The court was created to hear and determine the petitions before it and can not act as an Avant Garde.

“The undue pressure of allowing cameras into the courtroom should be avoided as the impact it would have on witnesses could not be predicted.

“The court is created to find out the truth and should be allowed to do so,” Justice Tsammani said.


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