Which is better: Ghana or Nigeria’s Jollof rice? Ex-Aviation Minister, Osita Chidoka, Drags Ex-Ghana President Mahama to the Fray

...Tinubu May Join

Ghana or Nigeria Jollof rice?

President John Mahama and Chief Osita Chidoka
President John Mahama and Chief Osita Chidoka

The most contentious culinary debate in Africa is the perennial question of which country makes the best jollof rice. Ghana or Nigeria? As you can guess both countries have doubled down that theirs is the best.

Last Sunday, President Mahama, one of my most respected African leaders, were at the exquisite The Delborough Hotel, Lagos, for a hotel-hosted brunch.

I had some history with President John Mahama as Corps Marshal of the Federal Road Safety Corps, FRSC. Furthering my vision to make African roads safe, I invited him to deliver the third FRSC Annual lecture. He graciously obliged. He was the first African President to speak on road safety then. On a visit with him in Ghana later that year, we discovered a shared love for Chinua Achebe’s works!

L-R; Senator Musa Adede, President John Mahama, Chief Osita Chidoka
L-R; Senator Musa Adede, President John Mahama, Chief Osita Chidoka

In the course of that visit, I found out that President John Mahama, amongst other things, is also a writer; I left the Presidential Office -Jubilee House with an autographed copy of his book, My First Coup d’Etat and Other Stories

At the brunch at The Delborough, Lagos, last Sunday, Presidential candidate John Mahama was engaging, conversant with issues and displayed a strong determination to reclaim the presidency in Ghana.

As we went to pick up our food at the buffet stand, I challenged him to taste Nigeria Jollof and give us his verdict. He ducked! But we made a deal: if he wins the upcoming Presidential election in Ghana, we will organise a contest to determine which Jollof rice is the best. And to make it more interesting, he proposed that President Tinubu and himself would be the judges to make the final decision.

So, what do you think? Is Nigerian Jollof the best in Africa? Let me know your thoughts!

Osita Chidoka
16 April 2024
#iamhopeful #nigeriajollof #ghanajollof


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