Prof. Remi Lawanson at 70, By Tunde and Adora Ojo

Tunde Ojo
Tunde Ojo

There are obviously a thousand things one can be grateful to God for in your life as a spiritual leader, a role model and a mentor.
But I will keep all to one key influence. One that speaks volumes about the rest.

While trusting God for a church to worship and make home after my Master’s programme at the University of Lagos, I was highly concerned about not making a mistake. I felt that what a person believed and the company of people he or she kept could determine the trajectory of the person’s life.

Adora Ojo
Adora Ojo

I only had a pointer, I believe, by the Holy Spirit, to your exemplary Christian lifestyle, and that of the late Rev. Yomi Adewale. I never had to discuss it with either of you. I just saw the fruit of a Christian life writ large in everything you did. The church both of you worshiped was sufficient for my searching soul. If the church could shape your life, it could shape mine and the family I was trusting God to build.

That singular decision has defined my Christian growth, service, marriage, the raising of our children, career, business, friendship, and a robust family relationship with the Lawansons. That church is the Foursquare Gospel Church, 62/66 Akinwumi Street, Yaba, Lagos.

Thank you for living a life of godly influence in everything that you do.
My wife and our entire family celebrate the grace of God that has brought you this far as a Christian leader with global influence. As you begin a new season, may the Lord enlarge your Kingdom influence and satisfy you with all-round blessings.

Happy birthday, Sir.

Tunde & Adora Ojo


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